OEM Manufacturing - Street Decks



Custom Printing Info

We accept both PSD and AI file formats. We ask that the files are at 300DPI for the best quality print. We are then able to break it down by color and print your artwork by spot colors or halftones. We charge a set-up fee per color but if you have more than 4 colors we commonly will ask if you want the print to be CMYK in which you will be charged for only a 4 color job.. even if your graphic has 100 different colors.

Can I get a custom shape?

We can do any shape for a street deck you can come up with. We ask for a CAD file so that we can precisely cut your shape. There is a small set up fee ($40) for the custom shape and that's for a lifetime of use. If you wanted to go to a different manufacturer we would ask that you pay for shipping if you wanted the template.

We have 3 different concaves. Yes, 3!

You are able to choose from:

Mellow Concave

This concave has much more flat area with medium to high kicks. Just because you like a flatter deck doesn't mean your nose and tail should suffer any of that pop! Great for a rider that prefers a mellower deck or an overall great park board.


Deep Concave

This concave has a flat area about an inch away from each bolt hole and starts a progressive bend. The deck has been regarded to be really responsive and offer great pop. Medium to High nose and tail. Designed for the streets.

Old School Concave

This concave has an extended wheel base and the length between both kicks are much longer than your typical street deck. This concave is great for cruisers or any old school replica. It is very similar to the Santa Cruz concave of the 80's.

How long does it take from start to finish?

We usually can get a 200 deck order fully custom printed and pressed within 2-3 weeks. It depends on workload but we never take longer than 4 weeks to get your OEM product out and rolling! We know the urgency of getting products to your consumers.


Are you ready to get started on your new idea?

If so, get a hold of one of our Dub Press Reps for pricing and to submit your artwork. You can try us via phone (779)770.7472 or via our contact page.