OEM Manufacturing



Are you looking for shop decks? Looking to start your own company? Or are you just looking to skate your own graphic?

It doesn't matter why you want custom decks.. what does matter is getting the best quality for the best price. Here at Dub Press Distribution we use only the freshest and highest grade of veneer and glues. We don't let veneer sit around for years before being put to work.. they are in and out and under your feet.


What is the process to getting my graphics made?

We can accept PDF, Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop files. After we receive your file we will send you a mock-up of what your graphic will look like from sizes 7.75 to 8.5. This gives you a better understanding of the bleed space you might want to take into consideration when designing a graphic. Dont let this worry you too much, we have graphic designers on hand that will help work with you and leave you with a great feeling of satisfaction knowing your decks are going to be the way you want them!


Do you offer samples?

Yes, we have samples at request. We are able to offer many different concaves and shapes for both Street Decks and Longboards. Samples aren't free, but they are priced appropriately.


Can I order just one custom deck?

We could offer just one printed deck but the price would be much more than a store bought Pro deck.Typically we like to do minimum runs of 30 for private labels and companies. That makes the art fees seem a much better deal. The best part is next time if you wanted to do the same graphic, there would be no art fees! We will store them in a climate controlled room in a flat file.


Can I have more details about your street decks and longboards?

Yes, if you navigate to the top right column.. You'll see Street Decks and Longboards. Click either for more information on our manufacturing and pricings.