Skateboard Veneer & Customer Testimonials

What makes Dub Press Distribution's veneer better??!!

The veneer is specifically manufactured for skateboard lamination. This isn't veneer that was made for flooring or cabinets.. this is made for skating! To the right is a photo of some Core plys. These aren't the beautiful face plys that everyone will see... these are the ones that hide inside to make sure you have some strength. The area in which the Hard Maple Trees are grown causes them to have extremely tighter growth rings than some other regions that produce Hard Maple. We have been regarded to have some of the strongest street decks and that's in part to the wood!

What is a layup?

The word "Layup" describes to how you have your Hard Maple stacked. Commonly Street Decks will have 2 Sanded Layers, 3 Core and 2 cross. They are laid up as Face, Core, Cross,Core,Cross,Core,Face. That is your common 7 ply.

Do you sell the glue to make skateboards?

Yes, we are now offering our own brand of glue. It's very similar to a Titebond III, except that it cures much harder. This is great for explosive pop and a consistent board feel!

What do you think about Vacuum Pressing Longboards?

We think it's a great way to start making longboards! We are happy to tell you that our very own Dub Press Distribution press it at home kits will be available soon! It will come with everything you need to start making some awesome decks!


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Customer Testimonials

"We had a question about our Cyber Monday order and called Dub Press at around 9:00 PM. We didn't really expect a returned call but Jason called us back promptly and answered all of our questions (at around 11:30 his time! wow). We are just blown away but their awesome customer service! Huge thank you to Jason and the Dub Press team! " - Christal

"We love that everything came flat and relatively knot free. Box came without any damage and was properly packaged..even overly packaged! I will be back for more."- Tom M.

"Ordered on Monday, got it on Wednesday! Kicka** Thank you." -Andy K

"I can skate these things (decks) as hard as I want and they don't give in.. been buying decks from you guys for the past 2 years and safe to say I'm a life long customer. Dont change please" -Greg.

"You guys are great. I asked if 150 longboard packs were in stock and if you offered a Will Call.. within 24 hours I was there picking up my order and leaving with a huge smile on my face. -Steven R.