Dub Press Distribution - News - Summer 2015


Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been staying busy coming up with new products and inventions. We've been met with great success with the Bro Bond skateboard adhesives. The most common feedback is ''much more pop and stiffness than titebond''. Its true, it was designed to have the same water proofing but have much more pop. Titebond III is great for all around woodworking glue, but when you need something more special for skateboards... well Bro Bond is there. If you haven't had a chance to try it, or have been thinking about trying it.. please contact our sales reps today.


We are launching our HUGE SALE tonight at midnight! New Products including but not limited to;

- 8 Ply Longboard Packs. You asked for it.. you got it!

- Custom OEM Deck Package in our store.

- More photos of our colored blanks

and a few other things. We will be posting photos of the decks and new products at midnight. Expect the site to be down from 11PM to 12AM CST.

Illest of Illinois 2014 photos