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  • Want to build your own skateboard?! Highest Quality Hard Maple Skateboard Veneer on the market! If you are looking for longboard veneer or street deck veneer we have you covered.. If you wouldn’t go to a fast food restaurant to buy tires, why would you go to a non-skateboarding company to buy skateboard veneer? Our skate veneer is manufactured specially for skateboard lamination. Check out our veneer page.

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  • We are your source for custom skateboard printing. Are you looking to get your shop or team logo printed? Have you always dreamed about putting your own graphics to grip and rip them? We have you covered! To learn more about custom printing, please visit our custom printing page.

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  • Live outside the USA and need good wood?! We have you covered. Please use the Contact Form at the top right to contact us for a freight quote.

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Current Events & News

  • Illest of Illinois Skatepark Competition Series!

    Did you miss any stops? Well Stop 4 is on the way. It's scheduled for September 21st, 2014. It will be held at Wilson Skatepark in Chicago, IL. The last stops were battles for the top spots. Click here for more information and photos from the previous stops!

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  • OEM and Private Label Skateboard Manufacturing

    We are now opening our doors and accepting more Private Labels. We get the whole process started for you including design and manufacturing of your skateboards. We can take your own designs and start manufacturing high quality decks. This saves you the headache and feeds our machines! They are hungry for more sawdust!

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Street League 2014 Chicago